RM Couriers

R. M Couriers operates a same day delivery and 24 hour delivery, UK courier service from our base in Oxford, Oxfordshire and Abingdon to all over the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Send or receive packages anywhere in England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland and RM Couriers will make sure it gets to the door of its destination safely and on-time.

We deliver to the very highest possible standards, with efficiency and usually at the lowest discounted prices available to UK customers. 24 hour Mailing


RM Couriers can ensure that your mail shots get to the right people in optimum time and within budget.

If you have mail shots that require immediate regional or national distribution, contact us now. Give us a call for any mailing enquiries.

Collection & Delivery

We operate a parcel collection and delivery service to all UK customers. If you have a parcel that needs to be delivered to any UK destination, RM Couriers will come to your door to collect it and make sure it gets to its destination very quickly using our 24 hour delivery service. Overnight deliveries are also available to all parcel collection & delivery customers.

Parcel Service

The types of customers that we are used to providing haulage and removals to are in domestic, industrial & commercial markets.

For businesses this can mean the transportation of stock between warehouses, which may include beverages, fertilizers, foodstuffs, household goods, packaging, paper, polymers, steel or timber. Our parcel delivery service is also available throughout the UK.

British FlagOur Fleet

We have a fleet of 12 road freight vehicles across Great Britain making deliveries throughout the day and night.

Our fleet consists of trucks up to 7.5 tons and delivery vans, which are able to transport very large goods to pretty much anywhere in the UK.

These vehicles are used for our 24 hour delivery service and for our overnight deliveries.

If you need to transport a piano, or the delivery of electronic products to a warehouse or simply a few parcels to a distant UK location, RM Couriers have the vehicles available to handle your requirements.

Same Day Delivery to most areas within the UnitedSame Day Delivery Kingdom and Ireland. For deliveries of all packages and removals. If you have any enquiries, please send us an email by completing the contact form , or call us on 01865 712 228.

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